Get the best Custom Gaming PC for the games you love

At Gladiator PC we have used our years of experience to design and build custom gaming pcs. Like you, we love games, and we know that it is important to choose a PC which can run your favourite games a high or ultra settings, while staying within your budget.

So we have done the hard work for you - simply choose your favourite game and we will recommend 3 systems that will play your game on Standard, High and Ultra settings!

Play your games how the developers intended.

Apex Legends
Battlefield V
Grand Theft Auto V
Call of Duty Black Ops 4
Fallout 76
Counter Srike: Global Offensive
Rainbow Six Siege
Playerunknown's Battlegrounds
Battlefield 1
World of Warcraft
Fallout 4
Far Cry 5
League of Legends
Project Cars 2