About Gladiator Computers

1999 - Origins

Gladiator Computers have been a respected source for performance PC hardware since 1999. Regularly featured in leading IT magazines we proudly feature award winning systems as reviewed in PC PRO, Computer Shopper, PC Advisor and Custom PC as well as outstanding coverage in titles such as Micromart, PC Format and PC Answers.

2006 - Gladiator Computers and Aria Technology

In 2006 Gladiator PC merged with Aria Technology, a leading online retailer of computer components, and today they operate together in a custom built 30,000 sq. ft. warehouse in Manchester.

By combining the PC design and production experience of Gladiator and the resources and components purchasing power of Aria Technology, we are able to produce premium quality systems at industry-beating low prices.

Gladiator PCs have been sold since 2006 under the Aria Gladiator brand, and has continued to win awards for value, performance and build quality.

2013 - Gladiator Computers - Brand relaunch and new website

In 2013, fuelled by the growing success and popularity of Gladiator branded PCs, a dedicated new website selling Gladiator PC systems was launched, providing a configurator which allows customers to choose their components, peripherals and other options so that they can build a PC tailored to their needs.