Build Your Gaming PC

  • If you are looking to make the most of your budget, AMD processors provide multicore technologies and industry-leading on-die graphics at a competitive price.

  • Providing the best per-core performance and with a wide range which includes the most powerful desktop processors available, Intel CPUs never disappoint.

Build Your Home & Office PC

  • To meet the varied requirements of family life, we provide a range of carefully designed PCs tailored for browsing and home-office use, media playback and light gaming.

  • Combining low cost and durable premium components, our Business PCs will help you to get work done in the Home office or in large-scale corporate environments.

Build Your Specialist PC

  • Because Video Editing Workstations need more than just standard gaming graphics cards, our professional quality video editing workstations AMD FirePro cards.

  • If you are building a software Digital Audio Workstation, you need a PC which is silent and a professional quality sound card. Look no further!

Build Your Overclocked PC

  • AMD provide strong support for overclocking, and these PCs make the most of that. Our systems are overclocked to the max and then exensively tested.

  • Featuring unlocked 'K' variant CPUs, these systems based on the intel i5 and i7 CPUs are the most powerful home PCs currently possible!

Gladiator PC


Gladiator PC - Jargon Buster


Gladiator PC - System Validation