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This has been without a doubt the most pleasant shopping experience i have ever had whilst shopping online. The customer service was great. Neil Barwick helped me design a build that was perfect for me and he has been so helpful throughout the whole process, so if Neil's boss is reading this, give this man a pay rise ;) I will defiantly be a regular customer from now on and will recommend Gladiator to anyone. Edd

Edd / edwardkillickgmailcom / Tue 7th Feb 2017

I wanted to write this to say what an amazing job Gladiator have done, the customer service is phenomenal, I love the updates given about your systems current status which gives you a good idea of when your system will be delivered. I have not yet received my PC, but there is no doubt in my mind that it will reach and exceed my expectations. My only fault is that this week has felt like the longest week of my life but I guess that can't be helped. Jake

Jake Day / jakeredlettergmailcom / Mon 23rd Jan 2017

Great service and quick too, i can't knock it for slow time took about 3-4 days which was amazing compared to expectations. Prices are great to which was the best thing ever since i was on a budget for money. All-in-all amazing company and great service provided, 10/10 in my books, definitely going to recommend anyone who wants a pc for any purpose.

/ owenpeters2001gmailcom / Mon 23rd Jan 2017

Your team have done a great job, from speedy service and using a flexible courier to friendly helpful staff on the other end of a chat window. Picking a build provider was initially bewildering but i'm glad i chose Gladiator, Thanks for the top quality service.

Stooky / akisame_millshotmailcom / Sat 21st Jan 2017

Got a great system at good a price without any if the hassle of self building.

Callum / callumerrgmailcom / Sat 14th Jan 2017

I ordered my new dream machine, and seven days later it was home with it's proud new owner. I received regular updates with how the build was progressing, it was well built, expertly packaged, and contained top quality components throughout. Can't recommend Gladiator enough, extremely impressed.

St. Nic / paulcharlesmanninggmailcom / Fri 16th Dec 2016

Amazing service guys I couldn't have asked for anything more, I got lots a little emails telling me how my computer was getting along which just built up the anticipation even more. Would definitely recommend.

Tom Medd / thomasmedd2gmailcom / Mon 5th Dec 2016

Great customer service, kept me informed during each stage of production customer service also extremely helpful with any questions.

/ jackhealey2142gmailcom / Thu 24th Nov 2016

When buying from Gladiator i knew I'd be waiting while they built the PC I asked for. It took a week and half to complete and I am absolutely satisfied with the results. The PC in question is a budget of £500, with that in mind every game I have ran so far runs really well due to performance. Heroes of the Storm - Extreme graphics at 60fps Overwatch - ultra graphics at 60 Skyrim on ultra at 60 with minor frame rate drops during spell effects. Overall the system is great for the budget and I will be upgrading in the future, thank you!

Megapixel / megapixelrbdmailcom / Mon 21st Nov 2016

I'm very pleased with my puchase! It arrived on time and very well packaged with no damage at all. The build quality seems very good, with cable management and a tidy look to the finished product + it was the best value I could find. I've had my PC for 2 weeks now, and while at first I did suffer some software issues, I believe this was an issue with drivers rather than any hardware problems as it's been running perfectly since. Their customer support was very polite and helpful, and replied the next morning. My experience with them is a 10/10. I fully recommend Gladiator and I hope to purchase from them again.

Timothy / timrevellwhotmailcom / Fri 11th Nov 2016