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PC came in an very well packaged box, customer server was great at helping me pick the customized parts for my PC and it runs amazing. I even got some extra goodies in the box with my PC and all the disks for my drivers although they were already pre installed. I will definitely order off Gladiator in the future.

Liam / liamwhitey93gmailcom / Wed 5th Apr 2017

First class website, first class service and unbeatable value. Well done gladiator computers outstanding! Will highly in the country.

/ howells5aolcom / Wed 5th Apr 2017

This is my first ever gaming pc that I have ordered, I had checked other websites out as I wasn't sure of which website to use, I came across gladiator and they seemed to be the most helpful team of people, they give you constant updates on how your product is going and the customer service is above excellent. I am soon to receive my PC but I'm sure it will be very good. I would advise ordering from gladiator as it has been a pleasant experience!

/ hayden_1997hotmailcouk / Fri 31st Mar 2017

Overall an excellent experience. I am happy to say that I'm a very impressed with the service by gladiator - fantastic build quality - fast build time/delivery - helpful customer service- fair price. 10/10 I recommend.

Liam / LiamJones2outlookcom / Fri 31st Mar 2017

I have been incredibly happy with the service i have recieved as the delivery is short and the staff seem very freindly.

Conker1 / conkercaddygmailcom / Fri 17th Mar 2017

Very easy to use website, I found the staff to be friendly and helpful. The PC itself is very well made and exactly what I was expecting. The only very minor problem I had was I didn't have a DVI-D adaptor for the GPU. So I had to take time out to find that. I also loved how I was informed on the stages of the build. Very reassuring after spending a fair amount of money to know whats going on. Also the packaging it came in was excellent and kept the PC damage free. I would definitely recommend Gladitor Computers. Also, thank you for the sweets!

Jimmy / neophoenix28hotmailcouk / Sat 11th Mar 2017

I received my order 7th march and I'm amazed with the quality of this pc. Very tidy and well built inside and out. It took 2 days for them to build it and was sent to me next working day. Easy to set up, literally plug it in enter your windows key sent with the machine and away you go. Would definetly order with gladiator again and you should too. They even sent it to me with haribo :)

Rob / rob-leeshotmailcom / Sat 11th Mar 2017

This has been without a doubt the most pleasant shopping experience i have ever had whilst shopping online. The customer service was great. Neil Barwick helped me design a build that was perfect for me and he has been so helpful throughout the whole process, so if Neil's boss is reading this, give this man a pay rise ;) I will defiantly be a regular customer from now on and will recommend Gladiator to anyone. Edd

Edd / edwardkillickgmailcom / Tue 7th Feb 2017

I wanted to write this to say what an amazing job Gladiator have done, the customer service is phenomenal, I love the updates given about your systems current status which gives you a good idea of when your system will be delivered. I have not yet received my PC, but there is no doubt in my mind that it will reach and exceed my expectations. My only fault is that this week has felt like the longest week of my life but I guess that can't be helped. Jake

Jake Day / jakeredlettergmailcom / Mon 23rd Jan 2017

Great service and quick too, i can't knock it for slow time took about 3-4 days which was amazing compared to expectations. Prices are great to which was the best thing ever since i was on a budget for money. All-in-all amazing company and great service provided, 10/10 in my books, definitely going to recommend anyone who wants a pc for any purpose.

/ owenpeters2001gmailcom / Mon 23rd Jan 2017