Gladiator Distortion Intel Kaby Lake Gaming PC


"It's my dream computer [...] it's literally the best computer I've ever had in my life"
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- SadaPlays

Gladiator Apocalypse Mk II Intel Skylake Gaming PC


The best price to performance gaming PC available!
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- FrankieOnPC

Gladiator SuperNova Intel i5 Kaby Lake Gaming PC

All-in-all, then, we can definitely recommend the Gladiator SuperNova – it is a well-built, good-looking and quiet machine & definitely a solid gaming machine.
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- Kit Guru

Gladiator Quantum 970 Intel Skylake Gaming PC

Trusted Reviews

The Gladiator’s triumph wasn’t under threat even in two of those games tests, despite the two GPUs being positioned relatively closely in the marketplace. I can only surmise that the RX 480 hasn’t worked too well with the PC Specialist’s AMD processor or slower memory. [...] PC Specialist has taken a gamble with its six-core AMD CPU and brand-new Radeon graphics card, but its components are beaten into second place by the more reliable hardware inside the Gladiator Quantum 970. Gladiator’s machine has a more versatile motherboard and chipset and a tidier design, which is a tad easier to manage. If you’re after a £600 gaming machine, that’s the build to buy.
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- Trusted Reviews

Gladiator Sniper Intel Skylake Gaming PC

Honestly, I was shocked by the build quality which rarely feels cheap and evokes a sense of pride when using the SNIPER. The Thermaltake Versa case opts for a neutral, matte finish which resists fingerprints and is easy to keep clean. Furthermore, the construction is surprisingly solid and doesn’t feel like it’s suddenly going to fall apart.
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- eTeknix